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Terms And Service

Terms Service

Refund Policy

At wolvecapital.com you agree that you would deposit and trade in crypto currencies. Therefore we would not refund any deposit once you start trading unless the deposit is in profit. If you lose all your money after depositing they would be no refund.

Payment Methods

You can deposit with us using your Visa or mastercard, bank wire or crypto currency. Currently we accept deposit in Bitcoin, LTC, Etherium, XRP. Let us know if your coin is not in the list.

Privacy Policy

We would not collect your cache for any reason. Your information is secured and would not be shared with third party.

Security and Transmission

We do not collect credit card data, your card deposit would be processed directly by bank. It is 100% secure and our site is protected from eavesdropping. All documents submitted are stored offline in a secured and guarded environment.

KYC Policy

We comply with international KYC standards. You must submit a clean copy of your passport or ID for verification and your Utility bill to verify your address.

AML Policy

We comply with international AML standards. You must submit a clean copy of your passport or ID for verification and your Utility bill to verify your address.

Terms of Use

-By using our site and trading software you acknowledge the fact that you are above 18 years of age. You agree to be responsible for the profits and losses that would result from trading activity.

-We do not present ourselves as licensed brokers or a company licensed to trade with securities. We are only a software with market rates offering clients zero spread trading. We bring together liquidity (trades) or best prices from the top crypto brokers including : Binance, Robinhood, Crypto.com & Gemini

-We may hold clients balance, purchased assets in the form either fiat, the purchased digital asset, Promissory notes or tangible and non tangible assets that might be disclosed on demand.

-Any license or company number you find in our site might be license for a firm that owns or have owned an interest in our software or is in process or negotiation terms to own our software.

-Our addresses include offices where our services are being offered or outsourced such as phone calls, sales, management, trading and hosting.

– By using our software and site you wave the rights to do chargebacks or engage in any legal dispute or joint class action suit. All complaints shall be sent to info@wolvecapital.com and solutions shall be reached via negotiation.

-We are market makers, this means that our prices at all times might differ from other brokers because we create our prices.

-We would also make profits based on trading volumes as in the case where our partners pay us a % per volume.

-We (our employees, affiliates or partners) might offer bonuses to our clients. The company would hold client’s funds for some time and use the funds to generate liquidity or promote other activities of the broker. Clients are also free to accept or deny a bonus. When clients funds are held they are required to do a volume of 30X volume amount. In some cases we reserve the right to delay payouts until enough liquidity is generated to payout.

– we might collect cookies for security and improved service reasons. All trading on our platform shall be free of spreads. However we would charge the following monthly charges:

-charges per month on accounts per balance;

Charge/Balance range

-$50/$500 ‐ $2000

‐$100 /$2000- 20000



You may qualify for a no fees account on any deposit amount if you deposit same day when signing up and contact our customer support.

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